Top 12 Cool Facebook Tricks and Hacks

Do you Know?
Isn’t it cool to see the list of all people you’ve searched for on Facebook? 

Well, Facebook stores everything you search. Here’s how to see the complete list and delete the unnecessary search terms

Facebook-TricksUsing Facebook is cool, make it more cool with these amazing tricks, tips, hacks and apps. Have more fun and make your Facebook experience more enjoyable.

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1. Be a part of a Movie, be the victim

Take This Lollipop is a short film and an interactive Facebook app. When you play this game you can see yourself in the short film as a “Wanted” and you and your location will be searched by a creepy, thin fellow. This app is the world’s fastest growing Facebook app.

2. Go offline to selected friends on Facebook

Are you annoyed of some people disturbing you through Facebook Chat again and again, here’s a way to blacklist them. Just click the “Settings Gear Icon” on the chat bar, and click “Advanced Settings” and select the first option and type your friends’ names for whom you wish to appear offline.

3. Automatically log-out of Facebook

Do you often forget to log-out before handing your PC to some others in your family or friend’s, just use this Google Chrome Extension to automatically log you out of Facebook when you close your browser. This extensions also triggers the log out process whenever it detects in-activity for a configurable amount of time. Google Chrome users have better option, you can create multiple users in Google Chrome to safeguard your privacy.

5. Make some real money while you share something

Share some videos with your friends and get paid based on number of views, sign-up here on Wingsplay, the Viral Video Advertising Platform. Other than Facebook, the videos can also be shared on your Twitter and Blog Page.


6. Inserting Profile Pictures on Facebook Chat

Other than inserting smileys and emoticons and symbols and various shapes in Facebook chat, you can also insert any Facebook profile picture in the chat. Its simple, put your’s or anyone’s or any Facebook Page’s username or user id within double pairs of braces like this, [[techfrostblog]] or [[1000001551xxxx]]. You can find the username or user-id by simply visiting a Facebook profile and copying it from the URL in the adress bar







7. Download your Friend’s Photo album including comments

So, your friend has uploaded a nice album and you wish to have all photos for offline viewing. Instead of saving those images one by one, you can use Photo Grabber to download the entire album, and the highlight of this application is that it downloads images and also comments. If you don’t want comments you can use another application called Pic&Zip this app can also download Facebook Videos.

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8. Auto Zoom Images on Mouse over

Explore Facebook faster, never click on images just to view it in full size. Hover your mouse on any image and get a glimpse of the full sized picture. This should save you hundreds of clicks and probably your precious time. Chrome user can install the Hover Zoom extension and Firefox users please use Thumbnail Zoom add-on.

9. Schedule your Facebook Posts throughout the day

So, you got a blog and you find it difficult to post throughout the day on various times on your Facebook page. Well, here’s an app for you, schedule Facebook Posts to be posted at various times of the day using buffer. By doing so, you will have a consistent social media presence all day round, all week long. Just keep your buffer topped up with posts.

10. Play a prank by posting via Blackberry or iPhone without owning them

You don’t own an iPhone or Blackberry but still you can prank your friends that you have got one. You post your status from a PC of Laptop, but your friends will see something like you have “Posted via Blackberry” or “Posted via iPhone” you can also post via various devices like Android, MacBook Pro, and even a Calculator. To start your pranks use this app and choose whatever devices you wish.

11. Start a Group Chat

You can Group chat on Facebook and this is similar to a conference call on phone. Open the Chat box for any of your online friend, Click the “Gears” icon on the Chat box and click on “Add friends”, Now type any of your friend’s name you want to add to group chat, When you are finished adding friends, just click Done, and have fun as a group.

12. Get an SMS Notification, each time you login into Facebook

Enabling SMS login notification in Facebook adds an extra layer of security, say, for example, someone have compromised your Facebook account and logs-in, once you get the notification, you can suspect a security breach and immediately change your password and tweak your security settings before it gets too late. This is useful if you are using “Remember Password” browser feature on a public computer. Every time you Login into your Facebook account, you can get an SMS, containing the Date, time and device information. Here are the steps, Login into your Facebook Account, Go to “Account Settings”, Now Click “Security Settings” and under “Login Notifications” check the “Text Message” check Box, Before you Enable Text Message Notification, make sure you have registered your mobile number under the “Mobile Settings”.

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