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How to Make Money from your Facebook and Twitter Profile by just sharing videos

Last week I was wondering what if we could monetize our Facebook, Twitter and other social Networks. I drew a plan and made some efforts to create such an application that lets you share ads among  your friends and eventually get paid for sharing. Well, let me stop here. It was too late. I found out some start-up company that already have designed, developed and launched a similar application. So, I thought I could share the methods used by that company to earn from your Facebook and Twitter Profiles.

Wingsplay Earn money with your Facebook, Twitter and Blog by sharing video ads

Wingsplay – The Viral Video Advertising Platform

In Short: With Wingsplay you can earn money to share ads with your social network.Signup for Wingsplay to earn from your Facebook, Twitter and Blog   Wingsplay is a Start-up that launched last month and pays its users to share video ads on their social networks like Facebook and Twitter. The distribution model uses heavily connected social Networks. The founder, Olivier Lasry, says the best way for online advertisements to resonate with people is if a link has been recommended by a friend or social media connection.

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How it Works

When you sign-up for Wingsplay, you become the influencer, the company  calls its users “Influencers”.

1. After Sign-in, Choose any of their featured videos, watch them and share them on your Facebook, Twitter or your Blog, automatically from Wingsplay Platform.

2. You get paid for each video view that corresponds to the video campaign criteria.

3. As your shared videos gets views, you can keep track of the number of views and corresponding revenue you made, in short,  you can get your Wingsplay Analytics

4. The featured videos are handpicked by Wingsplay and is made available to influencers. They make sure that these videos are only the best and most entertaining.

Users can share up to four video ads in a week and you are pain on Cost per view basis.

Make money from your Facebook and Twitter Social Networks by sharing videos

Wingsplay in Action

Since its launch, Oxygen and NBC were the first big names to promote ads through Wingsplay.Oxygen uses wingsplay to promote video adsNBC uses wingsplay to promote their video adsFacebook contributes to most of the Wingsplay shares. 84% of all Wingsplay shares have been distributed on Facebook.

Here is an image that shows how the Wingsplay analytics page will look like




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