Monday, June 21, 2021

Set Win+E open This PC in Windows 10 instead of Quick Access

We are all accustomed to hitting the Windows+E keys to access “This PC“(or My Computer).  But in Windows 10, this hotkey opens “Quick Access” by default instead of “This PC“.

Although this new hotkey path in Windows 10 offers you quick access to all your recent files and folders, it still lacks the functionality of showing the drive usage. For most of us the Windows+E hotkey has become a habit.

So, here’s how you can set the Windows+E hotkey to always open This PC instead of Quick Access

Step 1

Open “Explorer“, then click on the “View” tab, click “Options


Step 2

Now, in the Folder options Window under the General Tab, select “This PC” in the “Open File Explorer to” drop down menu and click “OK


Done, now when you hit the Windows+E keyboard shortcut, you will see the “This PC” window

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