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How to Find CMS, Platform or Technology used by a Website


We come across lots of sites a day and sometimes wonder what CMS (Content Management System) a site is using and we also want to know the scripts and technologies behind that website. There are lots of CMS like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc,. Here are 6 best web tools to find out technologies used by a website.

These tools scan the source code, analyzes the framework and finally shows the results. The result include the CMS used by a website, scripts installed and other details useful for a developer or designer.

1. CMS Detector

Online Webtools has got a very nice CMS detector application which can be used just to find out the Content Management System used by a website or Framework used by a site.
Visit CMS Detector.

CMS Detector

2. Builtwith (Most Popular and Effective)

Builtwith is a very powerful tool to determine a site framework. Builtwith goes deep and throws you the more in-depth detail of a website including Server information, Content Management System, Framework, Advertising used, Analytics and tracking, Javascript libraries, Audio/Video media, Widgets used, Content Delivery Network, Aggregation Functionality, Document Information and Encoding type.
Visit Builtwith.


3. W3Techs (Popular and Highly Effective)

W3Techs gives the complete detail of a website. The details include Website background, Content Management System, Server side programming languages, Client side programming languages, Javascript library, Mark-up language, Character Encoding, Image file formats, Site elements, SSL Certificate authorities, Social Widgets, Web server, Traffic Analysis tools, Advertising network, Domain, Language and Technology Score. The tool gives ultimate in-depth data of a website which is extremely useful for a programmer. This tools is also available as Browser Extensions for Chrome and Firefox.
Visit W3Techs.


4. Guess Scritch

[ Note: This tool seems to be down / unavailable]

This tool analyzes websites and attempts to detect the plaform, language, tools, widgets, trackers and javascript/css frameworks and other technologies used for any website. This is a great tool to determine the CMS of a website.
Visit Guess Scritch.

Guess Scritch

5. WhatCMS

WhaCMS just displays the Content Management System used in a website and doesn’t analyze any other information. If you only need to lookup a website platform in which it is built, then this toll is of great help.
Visit WhatCMS.



[ Note: This tool seems to be down / unavailable]

This tool just shows up the CMS of a website.


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