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4 Best apps for Music Identification or Reverse song search

Find the name of the song that’s playing around you or stuck in your mind. These 4 song identification apps are simply the best reverse song search engines.

Just tap the listen button when the song is playing either on your device or somewhere in the speaker or you can even sing, hum or whistle to hunt down to the song information.

In addition to showing the song name, artist’s name, album and genre, these apps also show you live lyrics, the song’s YouTube video, song recommendations, option to directly stream from streaming services like Rdio, Spotify or Saavn and also option to download.

1. Shazam

Shazam is by far the most popular and best music identification app. The app’s huge database of acoustic fingerprint has been used to identify 15 billion songs so far. The popularity of a particular song can be identified by the number of Shazams that is displayed right below the song name in the app.

The best part: The distinguishing feature of this app is it’s large database and a web interface that will keep a history of all your Shazams. And the Shazam charts provides an insight into the top 100 songs which can further be filtered by genre, number of times shared and by country.

   Shazam for Android     Shazam for iOS     Shazam for Windows Phone

2. Sound Hound

Shazam and Sound Hound are close competitors. Sound Hound’s database is also huge. Sound matching is done through Sound2Sound technology which provides perfect music matching even for poorly-hummed performances. You can find top songs in the weekly chart.

The best part: You can find the songs by simply singing, humming or even whistling. The app also has a web version called Midomi that enables music identification on desktops. (Here’s how to use the web version of Sound Hound)

   Android       iOS       Windows Phone    Blackberry       Web

3. Track ID

Track ID is a product of Sony and is powered by the Gracenote database. The interface is simple and clutter free. You can find the top songs in the charts.

The best part: Works offline. Unlike other Music recognition apps TrackID works without live internet.You can capture the song you are listening to and identify it when your internet connection is restored.

   Track ID for Android

4. Musix Match

Musicx match is powered by Gracenote. Musix Match app is a combination of music identification app and music player. Find top music in the top lyrics chart.

The best part: Doubles up as a music player. The FloatingLyrics feature shows lyrics in a floating window when music is played in any music players in your device. Musix Match can Cast music and lyrics to TV with Chromecast. The app also supports Android wear and Android TV.

   Android       iOS    Windows Phone

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