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7 tips to earn more Play Store Credits with Google opinion Rewards

Here are 7 quick tips to get more surveys and earn more Play Store Credits with Google opinion Rewards.

What is Google opinion rewards?

Google opinion rewards is an app created by the Google Surveys team. You take surveys, and get paid.
After you install the app, there are few basic questions to answer like, your name, gender, age group, income slab etc., based on your input you will occasionally receive surveys like “Which logo is best?”, “When do you plan on traveling next?” and so on. Download Google Opinion Rewards from the below link to get started.

How much can you earn from Google opinion rewards?

For each survey you complete, you will be paid Up to $1 or Rs.10 in India as Play Store credit. The credits may go up to $5. These credits can be used to purchase Apps and Games in Play Store. I have posted my earnings later in this article.

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7 Quick tips to make more money with Google Opinion rewards?

1. Open the app every single day

It seems that people who open the app every single day are receiving more number of surveys than people who opens once in a week. So, just open the app every single day and increase the chances of getting more surveys.

2. Keep your GPS on while visiting any place

When Google finds that you are in a shopping mall, it may send you a survey asking for feedback about the mall. Like for example, some users point that when they were in Target Store they received survey question like “Did you just go to Target?”.

Next time you visit Spencer, Forum, BigBazaar, Phoenix, Elante or any other top malls or stores, just keep your location On.

3. Share Location History

Sharing Location history increases the chance of getting more surveys. Google opinion rewards uses your location to ask you about places you have visited. Thereby helping you earn more rewards. To enable Google location history sharing follow the steps below,

  1. Just swipe from left to right to bring out the menu.
  2. Tap on settings.
  3. Tap on Google Location History.
  4. Enable the toggle switch on top and near the device.

4. Travel a lot

If you travel a lot, you are likely to receive more surveys. Surveys may be focused on getting feedback on your travel, like where you went, how was the experience and so on.

5. Be honest

While taking surveys, just be honest. If your answers are inconsistent, the chances of getting new surveys will be reduced and you won’t be able to fully complete any survey. Some people fake their income and age. Don’t do that. Even a simple algorithm can spot lies and blacklist.

Sometimes people have received a survey asking whether they were in a particular location that do not actually exist. Out of greed, when tapped on Yes, the algorithm found them to lying and sent a gentle reminder to be honest.

6. Pay attention while taking survey

While answering the survey, you may receive a dummy question in the middle of the questions, to check whether you are still paying attention. The question will be like, please select 5 stars below. And if you you answer it wrong, that will signal that you are not taking surveys seriously.

Some users have reported that they are not receiving any surveys after they made a wrong answer for attention testing question. They even went back and corrected the answer, but still that did not help them. So, just pay full attention while answering.

7. Female respondents receive more survey

Sorry, guys. It seems Google Surveys team needs more input from Female respondents. After I went through a treasure of comments over the web, It seems that female respondents are earning more. It doesn’t have anything to do with gender based preferential treatment or anything. It is just that they need more input from a particular gender.
So, if you are a female, you are in luck. If you are a male, then just skip this tip. Patience is a virtue I guess.

Earnings in Indian Rupees (INR) – Google Opinion Rewards

As you can see in the screenshot, I have earned Rs.708 for taking up 73 surveys. This comes down to Rs.9.70 per survey on average. My highest earning is Rs.30.12 per survey and lowest is Rs.3.22 per survey.

How many Surveys per month?

The highest number of surveys I received in a single month was 6, that was in the month of July 2017. Mostly, I receive 1 to 4 surveys on an average every month.

Where can I use these Credits

The rewards are basically Play Store credits. You can use them for in-app purchases for your favorite games or apps, purchase your favorite app, purchase a movie or a music album and so on. Especially useful when you want to remove those huge ads on your favorite app and become a pro or premium user.

Some Apps that are worth buying

As, far as I found, following are some of apps that are worth paying for. MX Player, Runtastic (Adidas Running), Stellarium Plus Upgrade, ES File explorer, CX File Explorer, Solid File Explorer, Edge Gestures, Star Walk 2, Poweramp, MX Player, Brain Focus, YouTube Premium Subscription and more.

Now is the best time to sign up for Google opinion rewards, as there are frequent discounts on top apps and games on Play Store. And you could use those Play Store credits wisely at the right time on right app.

How much can I earn (in USD)

How much you earn depends on your demographics, honesty, how often you travel and some more factors. Here’s a screenshot of a user’s’ earnings. This should give you an idea.


Have any suggestion or app recommendation, please let us know in the comments.

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