Tuesday, July 23, 2024

How to Send Self Disappearing Messages in WhatsApp

WhatsApp is about to introduce a new feature that will let you send self disappearing messages in group chats. The message can be set to self destruct in just 5 seconds or in an hour.

This feature will be available only for group messages. And ofcourse you can create a group with just two people including you. So, technically you can use this feature even on One to One chats.

How to enable Self destructing messages in WhatsApp

  1. Click on a Group and tap on “Group Info
  2. Scroll down and click “Group Settings
  3. Click on “Disappearing Messages
  4. Select “5 Seconds” or “1 Hour“, whichever duration suits you.
  5. Done. Now all messages you send to this group will be self removed without any trace.

This is better than “Delete for Everyone” option, Here’s why?

When you delete a message using the ‘Delete for everyone” option, it leaves a trace behind saying “This message was deleted“. But in the case of self disappearing messages, there will be absolutely no trace.

This feature will be useful to send sensitive information like bank account details, verification codes and personal messages.

When will this be available?

The self destructing message function is already available in apps like Telegram, Gmail and of course Snapchat. And is expected to be available in WhatApp in the near future updates. As of now, this feature sis available to very few beta testers.

We will let you know, when this feature hits the stage.

Privacy boost or a security concern?

This feature will add an additional layer of Privacy on top of the already existing end to end encryption.

Maybe it is good for the end users, but bad for Government agencies which may find further more difficult to identify potential security threats. I am not sure.

Share your thoughts.

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