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How to seriously boost bass, treble and music quality with VLC media player

Here’s a quick trick to boost bass using VLC media player. Well, you have a 2.1 or a 5.1 speaker system in your home and you are probably not satisfied with the bass and treble they produce.

Here’s a simple way to awesomely boost bass and improve overall music quality with VLC media player. An awesome way to use VLC as a bass booster.

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Steps to Boost Bass

Step 1

Play a song with VLC, click “Show extended settings” icon, this should bring up the “Adjustments and Effects” window, Note: If you don’t see this icon: Just click on “Tools” and select “Effects and Filters” or just press (Ctrl+E)

VLC Media Player Show Extended Settings

Step 2

Click “Audio Effects” and click “Equalizer”, and check the “Enable” check box and “2 Pass” check box


Step 3

Now you may notice a decrease in volume, adjust the equalizer as shown in the below screenshot.

Boost Bass and Boost Treble using VLC Media Player

Step 4

Done, now you have boosted bass without any hardware upgrades. You may adjust these setting till you get the maximum bass.

Apart from improving bass, this feature ultimately lets you hear the subtle details of the music.

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  1. Awesome trick..! Had tried so many settings before, but none were satisfactory.
    This is just simple and highly effective..! Thanks for sharing this info.. 🙂


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