Tuesday, July 23, 2024

How to Switch Back to Local Account Sign-In, in Windows 10


If you have updated your system to Windows 10, you probably would have associated your computer to a Microsoft Account. This has it’s own benefits, like all your browsing history, One Drive files and Windows Store data are synced across all Windows 10 devices. Moreover, you get a real benefit of the ability to change your computer’s password even when you are away.

But, the downside is, there comes a question on your privacy. That’s not the only concern, I mostly use complex passwords for emails, which ultimately drives me crazy every time I sign-in on my Windows 10 computer, moreover, if I have to share my computer with my friend, I have to share my password too, which ultimately reveals my email password. (I can opt for PIN or Picture Password, but still….)

So, here’s a quick walk-through to revert back to local sign-in,


Step 1

Click on the “Start Menu” and click “Settings


Step 2

In the “Settings” windows, click on “Accounts



Step 3

Now in the “Account Settings” Window, click “Sign in with a local account instead“, under the “Your Email and Accounts” tab



Step 4

Enter your current password, which is your Microsoft account password



Step 5

Set new password for your local account



Step 6

Now, make sure to save and  close all your applications, and click “Sign out and Finish



Step 7

Done, the system will sign you out and now you can sign in to your local account with the new password

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