Friday, June 21, 2024

Now you can post Animated Gifs on Facebook

Hot Coffee Cup Animated GIF

It’s been rumored for a while, and it’s real now. Facebook is finally supporting animated Gifs. So you can expect some blinking, sparkling, looping animated Gifs flooding your newsfeed from now on. The GIFs don’t auto play, and that’s a good news.

So, how to post the animated GIFs on Facebook right now?

It’s simple, just copy the image URL of the GIF from sites like Imgur, 9GAG, Giffy, GifCloud or anywhere else and paste it as your status and there it goes.

For example, just right click in the above GIF and click “Copy Image Location” or “Copy Image URL“, and paste the URL as your status.

You can delete the image URL once Facebook grabs the image and then post.


In recent months, it’s been very clear that sites and apps that support GIFs are gaining popularity, and entry of Facebook into this GIF field means it’s not going to lose its users to GIF supporting apps like Imgur and 9GAG.


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