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How to schedule Tweets throughout the day

Schedule-your-TweetsStrategically timing your posts increases the number of clicks by up to 200 per cent. Never let your posts get buried or ignored and Never flood your visitors with lots of tweets at a time. Schedule your tweets throughout the day and distribute them across the timeline of the day and schedule your tweets to be automatically posted on twitter at pre-set times. has come up with awesome application that lets you to schedule your tweets and Facebook Posts. All you need to do is to install “Buffer” on your Browser.

Buffer is available for Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. It is also available as inside Google Reader, Inside Twitter and Bookmarklet. Buffer is also available for Android and can also be integrated into E-mail

The main advantage of Buffer over other services is, you don’t have to schedule the time each and every time you decide to schedule your posts. Here are the steps for Chrome

1. Install Buffer from here

2. Add your Twitter and/or Facebook Profile

3. Whenever you need to share a page, Right Click and select “Buffer This Page” and Click “Add to Buffer”

4. Once you are ready with all your links to be scheduled, Click “My Buffer” and Edit your Time Settings

5. Done, your posts will now be posted on Twitter or Facebook on Scheduled times

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