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Take This Lollipop to find out yourself in a video featuring you as the victim

When did you become the most wanted? you are being searched by a creepy man and beware he may hunt you soon. Just Take this Lollipop and find out how he found you.


Take This Lollipop is a short film and an interactive Facebook app. When you play this game you can see yourself in the short film as a “Wanted” and you and your location will be searched by a creepy, thin fellow.

The interactive film first requests that viewers temporarily allow the application access to their Facebook account, and then incorporates information gleaned from the viewer’s Facebook page to fill in details of the film itself. 

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Showing ‘The Facebook Stalker’ as a thin, creepy fellow, hunched over and typing at a computer keyboard, images provided from the accessed Facebook account begin to appear as the stalker types at his keyboard, and appears to search for the specific Facebook user who had granted access. The Stalker becomes more and more agitated as he trolls through the discovered information, until he locates the home of the user, pulls up Google Maps, and finds directions to the user’s home from geographic data contained in his or her profile. With the user’s profile picture taped to its dashboard, the stalker is then seen driving in his car to the user’s location, apparently to perform mayhem.

At the end of the film, a screen appears with an image of a red lollipop containing a razor blade. Below the image is the viewer’s Facebook screen name and the name of the stalker’s next victim as gleaned from the viewer’s own profile.

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