How to create Multiple user profiles/accounts in Mozilla Firefox similar to Chrome


Create multiple user profiles or user accounts in Firefox similar to Google Chrome. Creating multiple user profiles in Chrome is straight forward and easier and…..its easy in Firefox too. So, before we move on, let’s take a quick glance on advantages of having multiple user profiles.

Why create multiple user profiles

1. You can login to multiple Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo, Twiter and other accounts all at the same time,

2. You can tweak your preferences for each of the profiles, say for example, one profile for office use, one profile for personal use, one profile with images switched off, one profile with add-ons disabled, one profile for a family member and so on……

3. You can have more control over your Passwords, preferences and sync options, you may also create a master password for one of the profiles to add an extra layer of security.

4. With sync options, you can get more personalized experience with multiple user profiles [Do you know you can Sync Firefox Bookmarks and Setting across all your devices?]

5. Multiple user profiles come handy when you have only Firefox in your office computer and still you need to to do a bit of personal work

Creating multiple user Profiles – without add-ons

Update: Now you can use Mozilla Firefox’s official Profile Manager Application to Create and Manage User Profiles. The Application is portable and doesn’t require installation. Just extract and Run.

1. Exit all Firefox browser windows Press “Windows key + R” to open the run window and type “firefox.exe -p” without quotes and press enter, now you can create as many user profiles.

2. Choose a user profile and click “Start” to launch

3. To launch a user profile follow the first step

Creating Multiple user profiles/accounts in Mozilla Firefox – With add-ons

1. The simpler way to create multiple user profiles is to install a Firefox Add-on called “Profile Switcher“, click here to install “Profile Switcher”  from Mozilla add-ons repository

2. Once “Profile Switcher” is installed, you can create multiple user profiles with ease

3. Click on the “Firefox options menu” in top left corner of your browser how hover mouse on “Open Profile manager” and click “Normal Mode


4. Now its recommended to click “No” in the “ProfileSwitcher Confirm dialog” to keep your current window open

5. Click “Create Profile” , click “Next“, give a name to your new profile for example “Personal Use“, create as many profiles as you wish like “Office use“, “Add-ons disabled“, “My Friend” and so on, and when you are done you can highlight a profile and click “Finish” to start a new instance of Firefox.


6. Now you can start your created user profile by , clicking ” Firefox Menu”  – “Launch another profile” and then selecting any profile that you have created (If you don’t see anything except “1. default (current profile)”, click “Refresh List” to bring in newly created profiles.



Now enjoy multiple user profiles and have a whole whole new experience with Firefox

Alternate Add-on for Switching Profiles

“ProfileSwitcher” is fine and absolutely a trusted add-on, but if you feel like trying an alternative then I would suggest “Switchy


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