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Set a Master Password in Firefox and protect your Logins and Passwords from being stolen


When you click on the “Remember Password” button on Firefox, your passwords and logins are stored within the browser. And this information is just visible under plain sight within the settings. If you are using a shared or public computer it is highly recommended to set a master password.

Why should I set a Master Password

Well, the answer is simple, on your Firefox browser go to ToolsOptionsSecuritySaved Passwords and click Show Passwords, oh! wait! all your passwords are visible. This is the reason why we set a master password. After setting up a master password, you will be prompted to enter that password whenever you attempt to save a password for the first time. Only the person with the master password can see all saved passwords. This adds an essential layer of security.

How to set up a master password

Note: If the menu bar in your browser is invisible, just press Alt key to toggle between visiblity

Now, Go to  ToolsOptionsSecurity and enable “Use a Master Password“, enter a password that is secure enough and click OK. Your Master Password has been set and you can feel secure now. Note that, if you are using Firefox Sync, to Sync your data between multiple devices you should set this password on each devices you choose to sync.


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