How to Save Bing Background Images to Desktop

Bing displays background images on the search homepage, sometimes it is very impressive that we may want to save the image to our desktop and use it as a desktop wallpaper. Although the images can’t be saved using the usual “Save Image as” option, there are some workarounds. Here is a method to extract Bing background images using Google Chrome.

How to Save Bing Background images to desktop

1. Go to on Google Chrome Browser



2. Right Click and select “Inspect Element”, the element inspector opens at the bottom. You can also press Ctrl+Shift+I to launch the inspect element window



3. Under the “Resources” tab expand “Frames” until you see Images



4. Drag the background image(s) to the desktop or save it using the Save image option, Done

To save more images, just view more images using the “Previous” and “Next” button and then follow the above steps

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  • Sutrisno Taslim

    thank you very much for tips. now i can get any impressive background for my desktop and it’s updated. 😀