Saturday, March 2, 2024

How to Prevent Google Chrome Crashes and improve its stability in one minute

Google Chrome is my default browser for a long time. But recent versions of Chrome appears to be slightly unstable and as the number of tabs rises the stability seems to decrease and sometimes the browser crashes, every time I try to close the browser with so many tabs open I am being forced to wait longer and longer and sometimes even leaving my system in a state of hang for a moment.

So, what makes it crash? the only thing that makes chrome unstable is FLASH. Here’s what you should to do to make your Chrome more stable

Disable flash from playing automatically and you get your own brand new highly stable version of your favorite browser

Disable Plug-ins auto play

1. Click the wrench icon on Chrome and click settings, and scroll down to the bottom and click Show advanced settings” ( To directly go to the Plug-ins settings page copy this  chrome://chrome/settings/content  and paste in address bar and press enter )

2. Click “Content settings ” and under “Plug-ins” menu select “Click to play”

Enabling auto play of Plug-ins in specific sites

Now, if you wish to enable auto play of plug-ins on specific sites like YouTube, just click the “Plug-in disabled” notification icon in the address bar and select “Always allow Plug-ins on….”

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