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Find how many likes and shares a post has got even when there are no counters


The number of times an article gets shared reflects its social interest and reputation. When an article gets huge number of social activity it can be considered as authoritative. Nowadays, almost all sites have integrated social share buttons. Some sites show the share counts and some don’t. Now here’s where we need a workaround to peek into the counts.

If Google Chrome is your browser, you are in luck

Google Chrome has got a nice extension called ShareMetric from ContentHarmony. Once installed, the icon badge shows the number of social network shares or the current article. You can click the icon to see the number of shares across each social network. The extension can show Facebook likes, shares, and comments, Twitter tweets, Google +1 count, LinkedIn shares, Reddit votes, and StumbleUpon stumbles. The extension also can display Delicious saves and Pinterest shares however these two platforms are not fully supported. After installation, click the icon badge and click “Options” and enable as many check boxes as you wish and update.

Install ShareMetric from Chrome Webstore


 Web tools to show up content share counts

If you not using Google Chrome, then you may want to use the web tools available to discover content shares among various social networks. Here’s a list of tools available

1. SharedCount

SharedCount is one the best sites for discovering social network share counts, in-fact it can also be considered as the source for ShareMetric Chrome extension. The best feature of SharedCount is that you can add many URLs and compare their social counts on the ShareCount Multi-URL Dashboard.

SharedCount Multi URL dashboard

2. HowManyShares


3. LinkTally


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