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Aakash 2 is set to launch in May with capacitive touch screen and some other upgrades

Aakash tablet version 2 is set to launch on trial basis in May, with some upgrades like Capacitive Touchscreen and Improved battery life. The capacitive touch screen promises improved touch response.

Aakash 2 is set to launch in may with capacitive touch screen and some other upgrades
Human Resources Development Minister Kapil Sibal said on the sidelines of a seminar organized by the Indian Chamber of Commerce that

The upgraded Aakash will be fabulous. The processor will be 700 MHz, the battery life would be of three hours, and it will feature a capacitive screen. We will unveil it in May

He had then admitted that there were problems with Datawind, the original developer of the tablet. Datawind has come under criticism for missing delivery deadlines and for failing to provide a proper customer service platform. The government was also unhappy after various faults were detected in the tablet.

“Now it is at testing stage. There is no commercial production of Aakash. We ultimately want to give out a product which is a quality product and therefore we are going through different versions of Aakash.
Aakash 2 will also go through tests. Only when we feel that quality is clear, and that children will accept then only we will commercialize it,” he said.

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