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Ubislate 7+ will be launched Late January

Ubislate 7  will be launched Late JanuaryDataWind has stated in its official Ubislate product website that,  Ubislate 7+ will be launched in the end of January 2012, In has stated in its FAQ section as follows,

“The current expected launch date is late January 2012. The deliveries will begin to customers based on the order in which they ordered Ubislate7+ online. Everyone who ordered online will be contacted by us and offered to complete their purchases”

A monthly plan of Rs.99/- for 2GB of data usage will also be made available to customers. The product comes with one year warranty

Ubislate 7+ Features

1. GPRS, Wi-Fi Connectivity

2. SIM and Phone Functionality

3. Pre-Installed GetJar App Store where you can download thousands of Apps

4. Resistive Touch Screen

Click to Know more about UbiSlate 7+

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