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List of Ubislate 7+ apps and Datawind’s Partnerships

Datawind launched the much awaited Ubislate 7+ tablet on 26 April, 2012. Along with Ubislate 7+, the company also launched high end tablet Ubislate 7C which will be priced at Rs.3,999 and will have a capacitive touchscreen and 4GB of internal Flash memory. While Ubislate 7+ is being delivered to those who booked it online, the 7C tablet will be available by the end of May.

During the launch Datawind announced partnerships with Yahoo India and Indian Express Group. Datawind has also made tie-ups with some other companies to provide content, apps, Internet access and Voice call service on Ubislate tablets.

Ubislate 7+ Apps and Datawind's Partnerships

The tablets provide smartphone communication, internet access, tablet computing and multimedia entertainment, the devices also pack a powerful combination of content and applications. Intended to help bridge the digital divide.

Here are some of partnerships that Datawind has made to provide Apps, Content and other services


Datawind partners with Aircel to provide Internet and Voice Services on Ubislate 7+Datawind has made tie-up with Aircel Ltd. as its Strategic Operator Partner to provide high quality voice and data services on its nationwide wireless network. It is expected that Aircel will provide unlimited internet access at Rs 98/month.

Yahoo India

Datawind partners with Yahoo India to provide Yahoo Homepage, Yahoo Cricket and Yahoo Mail on Ubislate 7+Ubislate 7+ tablets comes pre-loaded with Yahoo apps like Yahoo mail and Yahoo Cricket. Yahoo India Homepage will be the default landing homepage in Ubislate 7+ tablets.

The Indian Express

Datawind partners Indian Express Group to provide Indian Express News app on Ubislate 7+Indian Express app is preloaded in Ubislate tablets for online news and analysis reading. In addition to online version, Indian Express offers discount for its offline edition too, Ubislate 7+ and 7C buyers will get 50% discount on annual subscription of Indian Express and Financial Express.


Datawind partners GetJar to provide Apps on Ubislate 7+Getjar is the world’s largest independent app store. The app store provides access to over 350,000 applications for mobile phones and tablets.

Mango Learning Solutions

Datawind partners with Mango Learning Solutions to provide educational game based interactive Apps on Ubislate 7+Mango learning solutions creates educational apps that are interactive and game based. In Ubislate 7+ Mango learning Solutions is partnered for providing game based educational modules, interactive smart books and the full CBSE curriculum.


Datawind partners with RKS Learning Private Limited to provide Testbag, a comprehensive solution for testing and e-assessmentTestbag is a product from RKS Learning Private Limited, Testbag is the most comprehensive solution for testing and e-assessment.


Datawind partners with PokeTalk to provide long distance call back service on ubislate 7+PokeTalk is a long distance call back service. PokeTalk provides International & local calls the way you always wanted, with tons of features included. No downloads, or adapters needed – PokeTALKā„¢ makes your calling experience fun, free,and social.


Datawind partners with Pixatel to provide utilities and games on ubislate 7+Pixatel in Ubislate 7+ provides utilities and games created for tablet form factors. Pixatel is the leading provider of Subscriber Equity Management solutions. It helps the world’s leading OEM’s, mobile operators, and content developers launch innovative value added services and create new monetization channels to increase revenue and grow market share


Datawind partners InMobi to provide free applications on ubislate 7+InMobi is the largest independent mobile ad network that help deliver applications for free to consumers.

Reverie Language Technologies

Datawind partners with Reverie Language Technologies to provide Indian Languages including Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Punjabi/Gurmukhi etc on ubislate 7+Datawind has made tie-up with Reverie Language Technologies to provide over a dozen Indian languages including Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Punjabi/Gurmukhi and many others.


Datawind has partnered with Intelligia finger tracing apps to teach letter writing for toddlers

Blueworld Portal

Datawind has partnered and provides Blueworld portal to help encourage a socially conscience approach to the internet. Blueworld is a social community where anyone can join and create a profile so your friends can find you online, upload an unlimited number of photos, share videos, write your own blogs, support your peers with groups, send text messages to any network for free, discover new people and connect with friends.


My Jobs on Ubislatte 7+ provides access to millions of job postings and resume submission

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