Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Datawind hikes price of Ubislate 7+ Android tablet to Rs.3,499

Datawind, the manufacturer of the world’s cheapest android tablet has hiked the price of Ubislate 7+ tablets. Ubislate 7+ was priced at Rs.2,999 and the new price is Rs.3,499. This change does not apply to customers that have pre-paid for their units, they will still be delivered product for their original price. Datawind has reported that this price hike was due to the 26% drop in the value of the Rupee against the U.S. Dollar over the last year. Datawind claims that this tablet is still the world’s cheapest even after the price rise.

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In addition to this Datawind has also increased the price of its upcoming Capacitive touch screen version Ubislate 7C. The previous announced price was Rs.3,999 and now it is Rs.4,299.
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Datawind CEO Sunit Singh Tuli said,

We are sorry to report that we’ve had to increase the Retail Price of the UbiSlate 7+ tablet to Rs.3,499 recently. We have been significantly impacted by the 26% drop in the value of the Rupee against the U.S. Dollar over the last year. Since a significant component of the parts incorporated in the device is imported, our costs have gone-up by the same amount. While we have continued to deliver at a loss, with the hope that the value of the Rupee will recover in the international markets, unfortunately now this does not seem likely in the short term.

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