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7 Reasons to Buy the Ubislate 7+ Android Tablet

Ubislate 7+ is the low cost Android tablet manufactured by Datawind. Since its announcement last year, it has got a overwhelming response and huge pre-orders. It has got many features that make the tablet a hit in Indian market. The First thing is its price. Ubislate 7+ is priced at just Rs.2999, there is also an optional internet facility at Rs.98/month.

Here are the 7 most convincing reasons to by Ubislate 7+

Ubislate 7  is expected to be launched by April 2012

1. Can be used as a Mobile Phone

The UbiSlate 7+ can be used to make and receive voice calls with the use of in-built GSM Modem

2. Internet Access for Browsing and Downloading

Wi-Fi and GPRS is available in UbiSlate 7+ through which you can access the internet like accessing on a Mobile Phone and Faster Internet can be accessed in Wi-Fi Hot Spots. You can access 2GB of Data for just Rs.98 per month

3. HD Video Streaming and Playback

In addition to the Cortex A8, 800 MHz Processor, UbiSlate has a HD Video Co-Processor which makes it capable of Playing HD Videos and Streaming HD Videos from Youtube. It has a 7 Inch display with 800 x 480 Pixels for better video and Picture viewing Experience

4. Audio output jack for External Speakers and Headphones

The 3.5 mm Audio Output Jack can be used to listen music using Headphones or to connect to External Speakers like 2.1 speaker systems

5. USB port for Pen Drives, 3G Dongles, Memory card readers etc.,

The UbiSlate has 2 Full Sized 2.0 USB Ports, through which you can use Pen Drives and Memory Card Readers and Other USB 2.0 Devices through appropriate connectors. You can also plug-in 3G dongle to access the Internet.

6. Applications and Games

Since UbiSlate Runs on Android 2.3, it supports Android Apps and Games. It has Preinstalled Apps for Web, E-mail, Facebook, Twitter, Office Suites, Educational Software and more. It has 256 MB RAM for processing application, games and more.

7. Pricing

Apart from all, the main thing that keeps Ubislate special is its price. Its Price is Rs.2,999 which is challenging for its competitors.

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