Best Alternative for Google SMS Search Service – India, US and Canada


Since the shutdown of Google SMS search service, people are looking for a similar alternative. Well, here is an absolute alternative for Google SMS Search. This service not only offers what Google had offered but more than that. While Google offered nearly 15 services on SMS like Search, Stock, Weather, Directions, Movies, CRI etc this alternative app offers your thousands of services which ranges from accessing Facebook, Twitter, Gmail to checking weather, directions and time. This service is available in India, United States, United Kingdom and Canada and the company has plans to extend to other countries as well.

Available in India, US, UK and Canada

India – 92665 92665

United States and Canada – 898-932 (TXT-WEB)

TXTWEB – The New and advanced alternative to Google SMS Seach

If you are in India just try sending “@ttg” to “92665 9665”, in a second or two you should receive latest posts of TheTechGears. Similarly there are thousands of apps on TxtWeb to access Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, to get directions and more.

Alternative Keywords for Txtweb

Here are a few keywords that can bring back your Google SMS search with lot more advanced features

Indian Users can send keywords to 92665 92665

Users from United States and Canada can send Keywords to 898-932 

Google SMS Keyword (97733000000 for India)TxtWeb SMS Keyword
(92665 92665 for India)
(898-932  for US and Canada)


directions@smsdirFind directions and distance between two cities. Similar to Google maps Example: @smsdir Bangalore to Chennai
weather@weatherFind weather information like current temperature, and forecast Example: @weather chennai
news@newsGet the latest news on your mobile as SMS
CRI@cricketGet latest scores of cricket matches
Define@meanGet definition/meaning for a word
@mean Google
Time@worldtimeGet the current time in any city of the world
@wordtime london
Movies@moviesInformation of movies that are being screened in your city
@fbAccess Facebook via SMS
@daakAccess Gmail via SMS
@whattimeFind exact time to be set in your mobile
@GoogGoogle search on your mobile via SMS
@wiki / @wikipediaAccess Wikipedia article on your mobile via SMS

Update: You may also find the following app useful to find location and phone number of a particular company or market. Please note that if you are in US or Canada, use  898-932 to send your queries

@nearer Burger Joint NY NY

Burger Joint
33 West 8th Street
New York, NY
(212) 432-140

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