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How to view your Location History in Google Maps


Before you start viewing your location history map, answer me a quick question, where have you been last Saturday at 6:00 PM?, well, I know your answer is something like “I have been in ………hmmm……I don’t remember…”, well, our brains don’t keep all the location data in a database, but Google does. Yes, Google keeps on tracking and recording your moves, your location, your travel, distance covered, time of travel and other things in its database. And the awesome part is, you can simply view your location history and go back in time to see where you’ve been in the past.

Google gets this data from your Android device’s in-built GPS.

Click here to Access your  Google Location History Map

View your Location history on the Map

Once you are in, you can see your location history for selected dates using the calendar. There are clear timestamps too, you can scrub through the timeline at the bottom of the map to see your location at specific times.


The Play Button

Just hist the play button on the map to watch your travel.

Export your location history to Google Earth

If you wish, you can also export your location history to Google Earth, by clicking the “Export to KML” option.

It will be more awesome to view your travel on Google Earth as it can Play your travel with the “Play Tour” option


What if you don’t see your History

If you are unable to see your location history, then you probably need to turn on your location history here.

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