Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Get 4 Months of “Google Play Music Unlimited” for Free

Yes, it is a full 4 months trial. Petty good deal isn't it?

This is the best deal ever from Google.

With this deal, you can get 4 months of Google Play Music Subscription and Ad Free YouTube Experience (Note: YouTube Premium might not be available in some countries).

How to avail the 4 months Google Music subscription for free.

  1. This deal is for new users. But you can always create a new Google account right? If you have never tried Google Music earlier, then Go ahead to the next step and subscribe. Else, create a new account.
  2. Login into your Google account first. It’s better to use Incognito or Guest window.
  3. Visit this link, and click Subscribe.
  4. Now, set a reminder in Google Keep or any of your favorite reminder app to cancel your subscription just some 3 or 4 days before your billing date. You can see your “Next billing date” in “Play Music Settings” (Refer image below). The subscription will continue for 4 months even if you cancel immediately right after subscribing. That’s up to you to cancel immediately or wait for the reminder to kick in.
  5. Done. Enjoy the Music.
    And, by the way, did you know, these 4 apps can help you identify songs that are playing around you. Or you can even sing and search.
Next Billing Date of Google Play Music- Unlimited Subscription

5 Reasons Why Google Play Music is the best

  1. 4 Crore Songs (that is 40 Million songs)
    Yes, you read that right. Google Play Music has the largest Music library equivalent to Spotify.
  2. You can upload 50,000 songs
    Upload all the songs that resides on your memory card, desktop, CDs, MP3 players and other devices to Google Play Music. And stream them from cloud. From any device.
  3. Supports 10 Devices
    Stream your music from 10 devices.
  4. Chromecast, Android Auto, Android TV and more.
    Google Play music can play in your car with Android Auto, in your living room from your TV, from Chromecast and more.
  5. Ad Free YouTube Experience
    With this subscription, you also get Ad free YouTube experience with YouTube Red/YouTube Premium. This feature may not be available in some countries though.

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