Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Three Chrome Apps that will make you Relax

Working on a computer for a long time induces stress and to tackle this you may use music as a stress buster. Here are three chrome apps that can produce cool sounds and let you draw absolutely stunning abstract painting and take your stress off. Just switch on the app, listen or start drawing, and relax for some time and keep yourself cool – Always

Pulsate – Music – Use App

Pulsate is an awesome app, you can create musical patterns from randomly colliding circles. Click on various points on the app screen and create circles that pulsates randomly and hear cool pleasing sounds when they collide. This app is also available for Android


Bomomo – Abstract Drawing – Use App

Hold the mouse cursor pressed on the canvas to draw and explore your creativity, relax, or play.

You will be surprised at what you can draw with it. Give it a try, as it wants to be explored, discovered, played with. Let yourself fall into the canvas and see what you can do with the different buttons at the bottom. Save your favorite creations and send them to your friends.


Divvr – Abstract Drawing – Use App

This is similar to Bomomo, with this app you can draw unique abstract drawings, the application is built in HTML5 with very cool brush types that allow for rapid and exciting creativity. Try it out.


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