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How to Edit Webpage Contents before taking Screenshot

Edit Website contents before taking screenshot

Taking a screenshot and then editing a web page using a screenshot editor or photo editor is the method we usually follow. But here is a Chrome extension that allows you to edit the text and other contents of the webpage before we can take a screenshot.

Webpage Screenshot – Install Google Chrome Extension

Webpage screenshot is a Chrome extension that can be used to take screenshot of entire webpage or the visible content. In addition to its function as a normal screenshot tool, it also allows you to edit content before you press capture.

Edit Webpage before taking Screenshot


* Once you Click on the “Edit content” the web page become editable.
* You can add or delete text content like you edit in any text editor
* Other than editing text, you can also select images and press delete to remove the content
* You can undo your edits by pressing the default undo keyboard combination ( Ctrl + Z )


* Once you finish editing you can take a “Visible screenshot” or “All Page Screenshot”
* The edited webpage can also be saved as a PDF document using the “Print” option in Chrome ( Ctrl + P )
* If you are not satisfied with the captured image quality, you can always use the “Prt Scr” ( Printscreen ) option on you keyboard and then paste the image ( Ctrl + V ) on an Image editor like “Photoshop”

You can use this extension to edit Wikipedia articles and save as PDF or remove image or image captions before capturing a screenshot and more. You may try to figure out more ways to use this extension.

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