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How strong is your Password, checkout with this Interactive Password Strength Calculator

How strong is your password? How long it would take to brute force crack your password using massively parallel multiprocessing clusters? check for yourselves, use GRC’s Interactive Brute Force Password “Search Space” Calculator to check your password strength.

If your password is weak, then its time to make it stronger by adding special characters, number and uppercase characters. Using a “space” in your password increases its strength by several magnitude and a combination of upper lower case, alpha numeric and special symbols definitely makes your password unbreakable. But be sure not to create a very complex password that becomes hard to remember.

Here is an interesting illustration of password strength comparing “Hard to remember but easy to break” and “Easy to remember but hard to break”

Assume that your password is “my password” (just assume but don’t use the word “password” in your password, say its being cracked using a massive cracking array, here’s what happens when someone tries to hack

mypassword: without any special character and number it just takes 1.47 seconds to crack

MyPassword: With caps, its takes 24.54 minutes to crack

My Password: When a space or any other special character is included, it takes 6.46 months to crack

My Password1: when you include a number it takes 1.74 centuries to crack, that’s awesome right? check various combinations here

Check out for more password combinations, you can make your password million trillion centuries stronger, if its like that, who cares to crack it? never be ignorant and never be lazy and never ever let someone crack into you.

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