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Comparison of BSNL Penta Tablet and Ubislate 7+

BSNL has recently launched three android tablets and the cheapest model among them is the T-Pad IS701R which is priced at Rs.3,250 just Rs.250 higher than the Ubislate 7+ tablet from Datawind. and this model is considered as a rival to Datawind’s Ubislate 7+ tablet


BSNL claims that Penta T-Pad IS701R is much better than its rival Ubislate. Here is a quick comparison of features of the two tablets.Comparision between Penta T-pad IS 701R from Pantel BSNL and Aakash 2 Ubislate 7 from Datawind

BSNL claims the T-Pad to be the best when compared to Ubislate, but T-Pad lacks some of Ubislate 7+  features like Sim functionality and GPRS.


T-Pad has a nice resolution and has HDMI . The 1 GHz Processor in T-pad is Impressive and that would allow better Multi Tasking and the T-pad  would be much better if it includes SIM functionality.


You can Prebook T-pad from the following links

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