Friday, June 21, 2024

AOL Reader – the best alternative for Google Reader


With Google Reader scheduled for Shut-down, people are looking for a better replacement and Google Reader lovers are looking for a reader that resembles Google reader in both appearance and functionality. Well, AOL reader comes in for rescue. AOL reader looks lot like Google reader and it can be even termed as a Google reader clone. It appears to be a solid replacement or alternative.

Why AOL Reader the best alternative for Google Reader

As for the appearance AOL Reader looks like a clone of Google Reader other than color, the sidebar is similar to Google Reader. The layout can be toggled between, List view, Card View, Full View and pane View (Note: Google Reader offered only List View and Expanded View/Full View). AOL reader has a better article sharing option like you can share articles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+

How to Import Google Reader subscriptions to AOL Reader

Well, that’s pretty easy and fast too

1. Head on to, signup with your Facebook or Google or Twitter account

2. When your AOL reader is ready, you will receive a Welcome Email from the AOL team

3. Once you get into the AOL Reader welcome page, click on ” Sign in with your Google account to automatically import your subscriptions“, and in just few clicks your can enjoy reading, as you did on your Google Reader.



Adding a New Subscription in AOL Reader

1. Click the “+” button in the upper left

2. Search for your favorite website, for example “”, click search and click “” in search result and you are done.


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