Block ads on Facebook and other websites for faster and smoother browsing

Block ads on Facebook and other websites for faster and smoother browsingFor most of us Ads are annoying and getting rid of those ads gives a clutter free smoother and focused browsing experience. Now its possible to block ads from being downloaded instead of hiding them. You can also block “Youtube” and “Facebook” ads.

All you need is a browser add-on “Adblock Plus” or “Adblock ”

Install Adblock Plus for Firefox  |  Install Adblock Plus (Beta) for ChromeAdblock Plus is available for Firefox and Chrome and it is the most used Ad blocking Firefox add-on with 5 star rating. Click below to install Adblock Plus for Firefox or Adblock Plus (Beta) for Google Chrome

  Install Adblock Plus for Firefox  |  Install Adblock Plus (Beta) for Chrome


  Install Adblock for ChromeAdblock is another extension available for chrome, which is similar to ad-block plus, it is as powerful as ad-block plus for Firefox with a clean user interface. While installation you will be prompted to allow of disallow Google Text ads.  Install Adblock for Chrome

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