Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Top ten websites–websites with highest traffic

AlexaAs always, Google.com remains in the No.1 position and Next comes Facebook in No.2 Position. This article is based on the Alexa Traffic Rank


1. Google (google.com

2. Facebook (facebook.com)

3. Youtube (youtube.com)

4. Yahoo (yahoo.com)

5. Live (live.com)

6.  Baidu (baidu.com)

7. Wikipedia (wikipedia.org)

8. Blogger (blogger.com)

9. MSN (msn.com)

10. Tencent (qq.com)

Twitter (twitter.com) has dropped to 11th position

To find rank of any site Visit: www.alexa.com

You can also install Alexa toolbar, to find out ranks of the websites you visit

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