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Get Your Free Website From Google Now (Only .in Domain)

Do you have a PAN card?

Do you own a small business?
If you say “Yes” for the above two questions, then, you are eligible for a Free website with “.in” domain from the No.1 Search Engine Provider “Google”. In partnership with Hostgator Google has announced to provide free websites for small businesses in India.

1. The website is free for one year and you may cancel or continue at the end of one year
2. You get a “.in” domain (
3. Free Hosting Space for a year with Hostgator
4. Easy to Create and Edit, you don’t need any Webdesign Knowledge
5. Free Advertisement on Google Search and Adwords

For .com, .net or other domains visit Hostso (Select your country at top left corner of Hostso to see pricing in local currency)
For custom design click here and contact us

How to get the Free Website
1. Click here to start with your free website or Goto Homepage
2. Enter your domain name (Your business name) (
3. If your domain name is available, then click the “Next” and fill up the form
4. Enter your Details, especially PAN Card Number
5. After registration is completed successfully, you will receive a mail containing, your Site Editor link, Username and Password
6. Use those details to Login
7. Now edit your website and Publish it
8. Done, you are the owner of your business website
Before your website goes live on the internet, Google verifies your business and this should take 1 or 2 days
Why Google Needs Your PAN Card Number?
1. To confirm that you are an Indian Citizen and
2. To avoid a single person creating more websites (Avoid Spammers)
Why Google Provides Free Websites?
Google has implemented this concept in other countries like US, Canada, and European countries. It does this to pull small businesses into the internet world and benefit from them in long term from adwords and other products. However this is a Golden opportunity for Indian Small Businesses.
Do you need a .com or .org or other domains?
A “.in” domain gives your business exposure to Indian Customers. However, if you need Increased benefits and International Exposure, then register a .com domain.
Do you need a Custom Design?
If you need a custom design, for a nominal price, click here,

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