Wednesday, April 24, 2024

How to track history of a website – how it looked like in the past

What Google looked like in the past when they just launched their search engine. What was twitter’s appearance before some years, well, not only Google and Twitter, you can track back the history of any website and find out how it looked like in the past.

You may find it interesting that even the present big companies had average looking websites in the past.

It is also fascinating how web technologies are now way much improved and how we have pressed all logos and web elements flat. Gradients, drop shadows, raw RGB colors, Boxes, visible borders and tables have all become old fashioned. 

Here’s how to travel back in time

  1. Go to Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine
  2. Enter the URL of any site
  3. Click the year and click any date to reveal the website’s appearance on that day.

Following are few screenshots of famous websites

This is, in 1998

Google-in-1998, in 2007

Twitter-in-2007, in 2001

apple-in-2001, in 1996

Nokia-in-1996, in 2000


Modern websites are way more beautiful, functional and interactive. What are your thought?

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