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Smart Windows 7 Search tricks for faster and efficient searches

Everyone know Windows 7 Search feature is faster and easier by default. But it is good to learn some handy tricks to use the search feature like a Pro, to organise files by names, isolate videos, search files by Starting letter, and more. So, be extra smart while you use the smart windows 7 search

Windows 7 Search Smarter Tricks1. Use Operators

Kind:  The “Kind:” operator can be used to search specific kind of files in windows 7, for exampe

kind:video searches for videosSmart-Windows-7-Search-tricks-for-faster-and-efficient-searches-Using-KIND-function-to-isolates-videos-documents-mp3-and-other-files-video-search-using-kind-operator

kind:documents searches for documents like doc, docx, HTML, XML, TXT and moreSmart-Windows-7-Search-tricks-for-faster-and-efficient-searches-Using-KIND-function-to-isolates-videos-documents-mp3-and-other-files-Document-search-using-kind-operator

Kind:pictures searches for images like jpg, png, tif etc.,Smart-Windows-7-Search-tricks-for-faster-and-efficient-searches-Using-KIND-function-to-isolates-videos-documents-mp3-and-other-files-Picture-search-using-kind-operator

kind:programs searches for programs like .exe filesSmart-Windows-7-Search-tricks-for-faster-and-efficient-searches-Using-KIND-function-to-isolates-videos-documents-mp3-and-other-files-program-search-using-kind-operator

datemodified:You can also limit your searches within a specific date or date range by using the datemodified: operatorSmart-Windows-7-Search-tricks-for-faster-and-efficient-searches-Using-KIND-function-to-isolates-videos-documents-mp3-and-other-files-kind-and-date-modified-operators

size: Use the size:operator to specify the file sizeSmart-Windows-7-Search-tricks-for-faster-and-efficient-searches-Using-KIND-function-to-isolates-videos-documents-mp3-and-other-files-video-search-using-kind-operator

type:= operator for searching a specific type of file, for example type:=.doc returns all DOC FilesSmart-Windows-7-Search-tricks-for-faster-and-efficient-searches-Using-KIND-function-to-isolates-videos-documents-mp3-and-other-files-pdf-search-using-type-operator

Quotation marks“tropical island”Find files that contain the exact phrase “tropical island.”
Parentheses(tropical island)Find files that contain both words “tropical” and “island,” in any order.
>date: >01/12/11Find files that are more than or later than a certain value, such as after 01/12/11
<size: < 4 MBFind files that are less than or earlier than a certain value, such as less than 4 MB. You can also specify other sizes, such as KB and GB.
NOTtropical NOT islandFind files that contain the word “tropical,” but not “island.”
ANDtropical AND islandFind files that contain both words “tropical” and “island” (even if those words are not right next to each other).
ORtropical OR islandFind files that contain either of the words “tropical” or “island.”
~<~Find Files Beginning with the word WIN
~>~>winFind Files Ending with the word WIN
~!~!theFind files Not Containing the word THE,
Example: kind:folder ~!the

Note: While Using Boolean Opearators AND OR NOT use them in Capital Letters

2. Wildcards

To get more accurate searches for songs, videos and other files with specific file extension, use wildcards like *.mp3, *.doc, *.mp4, *.avi etc.,

3. Use Preview Pane

Enable the Preview Pane in under the Search Bar in Windows 7 to Preview PDF documents, Pictures, Word Documents, Excel Documents and more. You can Preview these files without opening themEnable-or-Switch-on-the-Preview-Pane-in-Windows-7Smart-Windows-7-Search-tricks-for-faster-and-efficient-searches-Using-KIND-function-to-isolates-videos-documents-mp3-and-other-files


4. Group and Sort Items 

Group the Items according to different attributes or sort them to make the search easier


Click “More” to Group or Sort Items by other File Attributes which are not shown by DefaultMore-Options-to-Group-or-Sort-FilesSmart-Windows-7-Search-tricks-for-faster-and-efficient-searches-Using-KIND-function-to-isolates-videos-documents-mp3-and-other-files

5. Use Start Menu Search bar 

Use Start Menu Search Box to Find Programs Faster


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