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Save a Web Page as PDF for offline viewing – Google Chrome

Save web pages as PDF files to your local hard drive for offline viewing and printing. Everyone surfs the web and finds some interesting articles that they wish to have even if they are offline, some people follow the time consuming copy paste method. But here is a simple way you could use, save web pages as PDF documents just in few seconds.

Saving Web Pages as PDF with Google Chrome

1. When you find an interesting article on the web, just press Ctrl+P on your Chrome Browser, this brings up Google Chrome’s print dialog

2. If you see “Save as PDF” as your Destination, just go ahead and click “Save”

3. If you don’t see “Save as PDF” as your Destination, click “Change” and under Local Destinations click “Save as PDF“, now you can save your document as PDF.

The resulting PDF document’s headers contain the date and the web page’s title and the footers contain the Web Page’s URL. If you don’t want to include these information, just un-check “Headers and footers

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