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Safe online banking and Shopping with Bitdefender Safepay Browser


Make your online banking and shopping safer and more hardened with Bitdefender Safepay Browser. The browser runs off the operating system, in a virtual sand-boxed desktop environment. Before the browser snaps in, it runs a quick active malware scan over critical areas of the operating system, thereby ensuring a secure, hacker-proof session. This scan runs every-time the browser starts. Although not-recommended, you still have option to disable this start-up scan.

Download Bitdefender Safepay

A virtual keyboard further ensures safety against keyloggers, even if you choose not to use the virtual keyboard, still your passwords will be highly secure due to virtualization. For security purpose, Javascript is disabled by default. No add-ons or extensions are allowed to prevent intrusion. This browser is not made for faster browsing but purely for securing your online transactions over a secure channel.

To use the browser you should be logged-in or make a quick signup to get Bitdefender account. You can toggle between the browser and desktop using the “Switch to Desktop” icon.

Bitdefender Safepay is free, but if you wish  to protect your sensitive data over unsafe wi-fi hotspots, you should upgrade to premium version.

So, the next time you make an online transaction, remeber you have your Bitdefender Safepay in hand

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