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Prevent Computer Eye Strain with these Simple Eye Exercises

For many of us, using a computer has become a habit, hanging around Facebook, watching movies, surfing, and sometimes starring at the monitor for no reason. Whether you do work on computer or just watch a movie or just play a game or whatever, your eyes are at constant stress and this stress is termed as “Near-point stress”.

In other words “Any activity that involves prolonged focus (more than a couple minutes) on any object within 7 feet is know as near point activity and can cause near-point stress”. This includes activities like reading, cooking, using a computer, using a mobile phone and watching television etc.,While you are doing a near point activity, the muscles in your eyes are in a state of contraction to focus on the near object. The lens are adjusted to focus the near object obviously the lens are not in relaxed state. Although they have the ability to do this, it is not their natural state and they are in a stressed condition. Over time, like any muscle in your body, the continuous stress upon these muscles causes them to adapt by remaining in a more contracted position and can reshape the structure of your eyes. Thus, the force the muscle is required to exert upon the lens to focus up close is no longer required, having become its natural state. Unfortunately, your eyes lose their ability to focus clearly at a distance. The same can hold true for the opposite scenario of prolonged distant vision activities.So, here are few but effective eye exercises to keep your vision perfect, and keep away Computer Eyestrain

10-10-10 Rule

Its simple enough but you should make it as a Habit, here is the rule

While you are engaged in any near point activity, every 10 minutes you should focus on an object that is 10 feet away for 10 minutes

Near-far focus

This exercise improves eye flexibility:

  • Hold your thumb six inches from your nose.
  • Focus on your thumb.
  • Take one deep breath and exhale slowly.
  • Then focus on an object about 10 feet away.
  • Take another deep breath and slowly exhale.
  • Repeat back and forth 15 times


palmingNot only is this exercise great for the eyes, but it is a great stress reliever that provides a sense of calm at the end of a long work day. Sit or lie down in a comfortable position. Rub your palms together to generate some heat through friction. Place your cupped hands over your closed eyes, right hand over right eye, left hand over left eye, fingers of the right hand slightly overlapping the fingers of the left. Don’t press on your eyes with your palms. No part of your hands should actually be touching the eyes. Sit or lie quietly for a minute or two. You can perform this exercise throughout your workday as well to give the eyes a good rest and renew their energy.

Visual Scan

This exercise will help the eye continually adjust between far and near objects. For this exercise, sit back in your chair in your office or any room in your house. Starting at one point, use your eyes to trace the outline of every object in the room, moving along one wall to the other. Allow the eyes to literally trace around every picture frame, piece of furniture, plant, light or bookcase. The eyes should constantly be moving, though not in an erratic fashion. Continue scanning for about two minutes.

Eye Aerobics

Sit in your chair, eyes closed. With your eyelids closed, look upward as far as you can without straining the eye. Pause, then look downward. This exercise is performed slowly and should be repeated three times. Open your eyes and relax for a moment. Close your eyes again. Slowly, with eyelids still closed, move your eye toward the right, and then the left. Repeat this exercise three times and then open your eyes again. You can perform this exercise several times throughout your day to help relieve eyestrain.

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