Mark all unread emails as Read in Gmail, in a single instance



I ┬ádon’t keep my Gmail inbox clean and I don’t open each and every mail I receive, but as the time passes, I finally end up with a cluttered inbox showing up some thousands of mails as unread. I just want to clear this counter by marking the entire inbox as read. So how to I do that? well, here’s a really quick tip/method to mark all the unread mails as read and reset the unread counter in Gmail

1. Type “in:inbox is:unread”, without quotes in Gmail Search box and hit enter

2. Now select all the mails using “Select All” option

3. Now click on “Select all conversations that match this search


4. And finally, click “Mark as read” in the “More” drop down menu


This marks all your unread mails in your inbox as read, you can alter the search keyword as follows

is:unread – search for unread mails in all areas of your Gmail account, including inbox, spam, labels, categories, tabs and everything

in:spam is unread – search for all unread mails in spam

category:social – search for all mails under the social tab/category

label:hostgator – search for mails under the label hostgator

from:[email protected] – search for mails from a particular email id

There are lot more keywords to customize the search results and selectively mark emails as read of simply delete, just start typing in the Gmail search box and you will come up with new keywords and ideas