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How to Explore Facebook without Internet – Via SMS

Use Facebook without Internet through SMS

Struck with a basic phone and trying to figure out a way to use Facebook without internet? well, here’s the perfect way. Use your non-GPRS phone to explore your Facebook via SMS. You can update your status, read latest updates from your friends, send them birtday wishes, read notifications, like a post, write a comment and more all via SMS. TXTWEB in India has got a nice SMS app that bring your Facebook world into your mobile phone.

Explore FB through SMS

1. Give a one time authorization to the Facebook SMS app here

2. Once authorized, you are now ready to use FB through SMS

3. Send @fb to the txtweb number 92665 92665, and enjoy Facebook on SMS

Here are the commands

Send @fb to get started and access wall feeds
Send @fb your status update to update status
Send @fb.bday to know about friends birthdays
Send @fb.notify to get notifications.
Send @fb.wall to access your profile feeds
Send @fb.wall john┬áto get john’s post in your news feed
Send for help.

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