Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Google Calculator and Converter gets major upgrade, shows interface and instantaneous results

Google has made a major upgrade to its Mathematical Calculations and Unit Conversion search results by adding a nice interface. Usually a mathematical search query like 25+25 returned only the answer, but now the same query shows up a calculator interface.

Google Search Scientific Calculator Virtual Keyboard Interface

The same thing applies for conversions too, if you enter a conversion query you are shown a unit conversion interface where you can select between various units and metrics.

For more ease, you can use the Speech Recognition (MIC) in the search bar and dictate your numbers to the calculator or converter.

If you don’t see a Mic icon on the search bar, you are probably on the country specific Google search page like, just change it to

You no longer have to memorize syntax to perform mathematical functions like sqrt( ), Sin( ), cos inverse etc, just open up the interface and use the 34-buttons scientific calculator virtual keyboard interface.

Now, Google unit conversions are fast, the results are shown as you type.

Google Unit Converter Virtual Keyboard Interface
There are various conversion options like Digital Storage, Temperature, Length, Mass, Speed, Volume, Area, Fuel Consumption and Time. So, no more hunting for a scientific calculator or unit converter

Google Unit Conversion Options

If you are not seeing the calculator or converter interface, probably you have turned off JavaScript, so, go to the settings and turn it on, at-least on Google pages by creating exceptions.

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