Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Get Udemy Courses at Rs.360, New Year 2021 sale is Live

Happy New Year 2021 everyone. This new year, do yourself a favor. Take a resolution to learn something new. Catalyze your personal and professional growth and Invest your precious time in learning.

Whether you want to dramatically improve your memory or program your brain to read and retain 800 words per minute or need to develop an Android or iOS app or impress your friends with Mental Math skills or optimize your programming skills or even learn to play a guitar, Udemy has a course for almost everything.

Get Udemy Courses at Rs.360

You can select your course from Udemy’s vast library of 130,000 courses. Go ahead and search for whatever you want to learn, filter out the best course based on number of students enrolled and ratings. Enroll yourself and start learning.

Udemy Courses at Rs.360 + Early access to a Free Course

Udemy is currently running a discount sale for the New Year 2021. You can buy any course for just Rs.360 during the sale. On top of this, if you make a purchase before 4 January, 2021, you will be eligible to have early access of Udemy’s “How to Learn: Effective Approaches for Self-Guided Learning” course. You will be able to access this free course on January 7, 2021 while for everyone else it will be available only on February 2021.

Just follow this link to start learning.

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