Sunday, June 23, 2024

5 Headphones & Earphones Myths Exposed

Hearing devices such as earphones and headphones, in particular, have turned out to be a must-have gadget in our lives. This is mainly because of their efficient functionality and ease of operation that has made our lives hassle-free.

How great it is to talk to someone or hear something through earphones while doing some other tasks all at once?! Almost every gadget can be connected with headphones and you are free from external disturbances to interfere in your life. Go on with your work, job, commitments, exercise, or maybe simple relaxation.

As it is with every gadget, there are certain myths that you must know about:

1. All Headphones Have the Same Sound Quality

This is absolutely wrong. Everybody can easily notice the difference between the headphones. Differences also exist between the headphones of same price. Did you try Walker’s Game Ear Sound Amplifier? It offers natural sound clarity as well as maximum protection from noise. Here’s an easy access to the best electronic earplugs to buy for you to decide about it!

2. Higher the Price, Better the Sound

A common myth is that headphones of better sound quality are expensive. It may be true in some cases but not always. A nice-looking expensive headphone may come with poor quality sound in contrast to a fine-looking inexpensive headphone that offers a superior quality sound. 

Moreover, it depends on physiology as well as personal preference. A costly headphone may be a misfit to your ear plus also lack in the extra bass feature you wished for.

3. All Headphones Allows the Same Level of Volume

Some headphones are more efficient than others with regard to functionality. Perhaps a headphone offers an easy listening volume at 60% whereas some other headphone may do the same at 75%. As a matter of fact, the headphones that are less efficient consume more power. However, this may be not the case with the one working efficiently at 60%.

4. Open-back Headphones are Exclusively for Mixing and Mastering

It certainly depends on the individual listener at what level of sound he wants to hear the music. In fact, isolation is the main difference between semi-closed-back,closed-back,and open-back headphones. More importantly, headphones with open back let the sound to traverse the ear cups. Due to this fact, they are more suitable for professional use.

5. All Headphones Universally Fit to Every Ear

Of course not! The size and shape of ear obviously differs from person to person. They are actually like fingerprints. Therefore, a befitting headphone to some person may be unfitting to some other. Hence, relying on reviews regarding the best headphone can be disadvantageous for you. In the case of misfit headphones, you probably will not enjoy good quality sound.

However, it should be kept in mind that wearing headphones or listening to loud music for long hours can affect your eardrums, your hearing power, and maybe your thinking power. It might drain your energy a little faster than that in the silence.

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