Friday, June 21, 2024

This eBay ad on Facebook is just misleading


Doesn’t this Facebook ads say that you can get a Samsung Galaxy s3 for just Rs. 417.99 on eBay?,well, out of curiosity I clicked the ad and I was taken to the product listing page where the same Samsung Galaxy S3 was listed for $417.99 (Rs.25000 approx.)

This is clearly a technical issue, when a product from is advertised to a Facebook user from India, the price should be displayed in local currency, but unfortunately, in this ad eBay/Facebook knew that I am from India, so converted the $ symbol to Rs. but failed to convert the currency value.  To avoid this issue eBay could have shown a product from it’s local version

This may be a technical glitch or a deliberate black hat marketing trick, whatever it is, this eBay ad is just misleading and it should be fixed. Write your thought in the comments below.


1. eBay on Facebook



2. eBay Product listing page for the ad


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