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7 ways to Get Free prepaid mobile recharge

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How to get free prepaid mobile recharge? well, its simple. Amulyam offers free mobile recharges for spending few minutes on the site. You can earn recharge from various activities like playing a game, attending a poll, referring friends, reading bonus mails, creating contests, uploading pictures and even for logging in daily.

How this works:

Any website that is monetized with ads, earn revenue from the number of visitors and the amount of time visitors spend on the site. These two factors increase their revenue, now coming to the point, You spend some time on Amulyam, they earn some money from ads and they share a part of that revenue with you in the form of mobile recharge. Its that simple. You have nothing to lose, just have fun and recharge your mobile for free.

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7 ways of earning recharge money from Amulyam

1. Daily Login Credits [25 paise each day]

Login everyday and your account will be credited for just logging in. For each regular login you will be credited with 25 paise per day


2. Read Bonus mails [Min of 10 paise per email]

Once registered, you will be receiving some occasional bonus mails containing  jokes and general information. Click those links and read jokes  or  facts on the site and claim 10 paise for every read.


3. Refer Friends [Rs.1 per friend + 10% commission from friends’ earnings | 100 friends=Rs.100]

Refer your friends on Gmail, Yahoomail, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more, and you will get Rs.1 for each friend who registers through your referral link. If you are able o make 100 friends register, you get Rs.100, its that simple. Also you earn 10% commission for all earnings of your friends

4. Playing contests [Win Rs.10 per contest]

Contest includes the following

* Attending quizzes

* Attending polls

* Rating movies, actors, mobiles, cricketers and more

* Learn 15 new English words and build your Vocabulary

* Play “True or False” Trivia game

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5. Creating Contests [Rs.0.50 for each question/entry| 10 questions=Rs.5]

Apart from playing contest, you can earn by creating a contest. For example, if you create a quiz contest with 10 questions, after approval of that 10 question you will get Rs.5, that is Rs.0.50 for each question. You can create quizzes, polls and Rate its


6. Upload pictures and Videos [Rs 0.25 for each picture/video| 40 pictures=Rs.10]

Upload funny pictures and inspirational quotes, and other humorous pictures and videos. These pictures should be fun enough to be shared on social networks. If you upload 40 pictures, you will get Rs.10. You can upload pictures like the one below


 7. Use Coupons for Online Shopping [upto Rs.50]

Do you shop online? then utilize discount coupons and additionally earn some talk-time on your mobile



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