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How to create a perfect high resolution Facebook Cover Image with Photoshop [851px x 315px]

Everyone loves to have an attractive high resolution, perfectly oriented and aligned Facebook Cover image on their Facebook timeline. Here’s the quickest and easiest way to create your own cover with some very basic Photoshop knowledge.

The goal is to create a picture with a dimension of 851px wide and 315px high. If you don’t upload an image with this resolution, your Facebook cover image will definitely look crappy, messy, pixelated and  cropped, in-short you won’t get what you expect.

So, here’s a quick walk-through on creating an absolutely stunning cover.

Step 1

Open Photoshop, click File – New”, Now give your file a name something like “Facebook Cover

Facebook Cover Image Dimensions


Step 2

Now, straight-away change the Width to 851 pixels and Height to 315 pixels (make sure your drop down shows “Pixels” and not Inches, centimeters or something else, Click OK

New Facebook Cover Image creation in Photoshop


Step 3

Now,  click “Layer – New – Layer” (or simple press “Shift+Ctrl+N“) – This creates a New layer on top of the background

Create New Layer in Photoshop


Step 4

Browse to your favorite picture in windows explorer and drag that picture into a new tab in Photoshop window (or you may also use the “File – Open” method to bring in your favorite picture)


Step 5

Press Ctrl+A and Ctrl+C to copy the entire image, now go to your “Facebook Cover” tab and Press Ctrl+V – This pastes the image over the 851px x 315px canvas


Step 6

Use the move tool to adjust the position and, if your picture is too large to fit within 851px x 315px, you can press Ctrl+T, hold on Shift and re-size the image. Now clickFile – Save for weband click save (Save as PNG 8 (for small file size) or PNG 24 (larger file but highest quality) or JPEG/JPG(Compressed file size, make sure to pull the quality slider to 100%) 

Facebook Cover


Step 7

Done, now you can upload your new cover image to your Facebook timeline


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