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How to Use Google Search Using SMS (Without Internet)

Google SMS search has been in use for a long time now, but it seems most of us are unaware of this feature. So, its time for you to learn a new way of searching the Internet without Internet.Make-How to make Google-Search-via-SMS-on-a-phone-without-Internet-in-India-and-US India Number 9773300000 and US 466453

So, here we go, you got only a basic mobile phone or your phone is currently out of Internet Connection or you don’t have a data plan and want a definition for a word or stuck in a big city and want directions or you are in need of converting currencies or whatever, you are not completely off from Internet Connectivity. Use your basic mobile’s SMS feature to do all kind of important searches in Google. Make-Google-Search-via-SMS-on-a-phone-without-Internet-in-India-and-US India Number 9773300000 and US 466453

How to use Google Search Via SMS

Send your search queries to 9773300000 (India) or 466453 (US)

Google doesn’t charge anything for this but your mobile service provider will charge you based on your SMS Pack/Plan. It would be better if you have a free SMS Plan.

Make-Google-Search-via-SMS-on-a-phone-without-Internet by using Google Phone Search Number 9773300000Important Search terms

Other than normal search terms these search keywords will be useful for an efficient and fast Google SMS Search

Note: Letters in Bold are Search Keywords and Letters in Normal Italic are your search terms

Define Frost – Shows you the definition of FrostMake-Google-Search-via-SMS-on-a-phone-without-Internet-received-sms

Time New York – Shows you the current time in New york

Weather Chennai  Shows you the weather of Chennai

CRI India  Shows Cricket score of Current match of specified country

Stock Reliance  Show stock details of specified industry in our case its Reliance

News Tamil Nadu  Get the News, you may want to send “Next” to get more news

Movies Chennai Shows you the Movie and Movie Timings in specified City

2 Km in Miles – Converts Km into Miles, you can do various other conversions like Inch to Cm,  feet in meter, square feet in square meter, degree celsius in fahrenheit, etc.,

1258 Dollar in INR – Makes a Dollar to Indian Rupee Conversion, you may use this to convert between various other currencies like Euro in INR, Euro in US Dollar, 1 Australian Dollar in INR etc.,

Address Infosys Bangalore  This Local Listings, Shows you address of Infosys in Bangalore, use this to search for addresses of any Industries, organizations or whatever

Directions Chennai to Bangalore  Gives the Distance between the specified places and provides directions

Translate Hello to French  Shows you the translated word, you can also type “t” in place of “translate”

Metar Chennai Show you the Longitude, Latitude, Elevation, weather forecast and other Geographical Data for a specified place

Rail – Send Rail and you will receive help on how to search train timings, PNR status etc.,

Try an Interactive demo to discover more

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