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How to Increase Speed of Opera Mini

Opera Mini has become the most popular browser for phones. It is faster, efficient and easy to use. Here is a simple tweak to speed up opera mini, this tweak comes in handy when you have a slow network connection or if you simply want more speed

All you need to do is to set the “Network Protocol” as “Socket/HTTP” | See all opera related articles

In Opera Mini 4
1. Goto Menu->Tools->Settings
2. Scroll down to “Network” and select “Socket/HTTP” as “Protocol”
3. Done

In Opera Mini 6
1. Click Menu and scroll to ‘O” symbol and bring down the menu
2. Select Settings, scroll down to “Advanced”, click “Protocol” and select     “Socket/HTTP”
3. Done

This method applies for Opera Mini for windows mobile, Opera Mini for Blackberry, Opera Mini for iPhone, Opera Mini for symbian, Opera Mini for Android and others
Note: Old versions have either “Socket” or “HTTP” whereas new versions come with options like “Socket/HTTP” and “HTTP”
If you have any problems in settings, then please let me know through comments

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