Friday, June 21, 2024

Easiest way to get Windows 8 Metro Functional Tiles on Windows 7, Vista and XP


Experience the metro tile functionality of Window 8 on your Windows 7, vista and XP machine. Make your PC look as if it runs on Windows 8. So, here’s the easiest way.

Download and Install WinMetro and you are done

Why WinMetro?

Well, there are a bunch of utilities out there to imitate Windows 8 on Windows 7, vista and XP, but what really matters is, is the functionality. WinMetro is a product of IoBit, the maker of Advanced system care, the No.1 utility to speed up a slow PC, so its safer to stay with a well known reputed brand.

The tiles are informative and when you bring your mouse cursor near the left bottom corner of your PC you can switch to the Metro UI.

Once installed and explored, kindly comment your views below


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