How to create multiple user profiles in Google Chrome



Creating multiple user profiles in Google Chrome lets multiple people use the same browser for multiple purposes. You can create separate profiles for each of your family members so that they can keep their own bookmarks, passwords and other things personalized.

You can take advantage of Chrome’s sync feature and create separate profiles for your home, office and more, by doing so you can organize your bookmarks, extensions and other things specific to home or office. Moreover, with multiple profiles you can have multiple logins, no need of signing in and signing out constantly.

Here’s a very quick guide to create multiple user profiles in Chrome

1. Click “settings” in Google Chrome browser



2. Click “Add new user” under Users



3. Choose a “Picture“, choose a “Name” and click “Create



4. Now you can switch between profiles at the top left corner of the browser. From now on you can create additional profiles just by clicking “New user” in the user profile list